What a week!

Building work started on Monday for our extension.  When I say building work, really I mean demolition of our back garden.  As I write today we have a metre deep trench running 4 metres out from either side of the house and 5 metres across the width; 20 tonnes of soil, sand and clay was removed last Thursday with at least another 20 tonnes waiting to go. Sadly, we have already come across an unforseen problem – we have found sewer pipes that the local water authority had assured us weren’t there!  These will have to be re-routed ARG!  The building inspector is due in the next couple of days so his advice will be sort and agreement obtained on the best way to move forward.

Whilst this has been going on I have been working hard on creating and have a few things to show.

My African Lady 1



Sorry the photos are so bad, blog software decided it wasn’t going to play.  The African Lady was created using Bronze Powertex on the figure and Transparent Powertex on the clothes and items around the base.  Pigments were added to highlight areas.

Masi man 1 before adding his ‘neckwear’



Close up of ‘neckwear’

The Masi man was again created with Bronze Powertex the clothes and added items with transparent Powertex, he was then painted with pigment.


Also this week I have made a Fairy House




A Teapot

And bottle cuffs


And still on the work table waiting for more work

And ready for the coming week I have


 Ready to be worked on, come back next week to see what they look like!

Thanks for visiting. X

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