Time, watch the watch!

Our Powertex theme for this month and last is Alice in Wonderland, the kit on offer last month was a giant pocket watch.

All the pieces in the kit (minus the bottle of Powertex and packet of sand and balls), I was having a ‘play’ to see what layout appealed to me.

 I started by painting the individual pieces with acrylic paint to try to help decide where I was going with the project.  I soon realised that I wanted to add more dimension than the elements in the kit allowed, so I set to to make a Powertex bowl.  I covered a shallow dish with cling film, as the Powertex will not ‘stick’ to plastic doing this made it easier to remove the dish once the Powertex bowl was dry.  I used t shirt fabric coated in Ivory Powertex.

This photo (sorry it’s a bit blurry) shows the ‘bowl’ after it was painted with various shades of red and orange attached to the open watch shape, I have added ‘silk’ leaves coated in the Powertex around the edge of the watch added a couple of keys and a lock.  The bottle of paint is supporting the number six whilst it dries and sets in place.

Another layout before I started working on the back watch shape. 

I painted the entire watch with Ivory Powertex, let it dry, then dry brushed some pigment over part of it, added the numbers, cogs and insects –  have changed the colours of the numbers, the insects have had added bling with pearl pigments brushed over them.

The finished piece, colours have changed, sparkle added and time set for tea! x

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