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I started the week by creating this Masi figure.  I ‘built’ the figure under the plaster bust on to the base with foil, masking tape before wrapping the entire thing in t shirt yarn which was then ‘painted’ with terracotta Powertex.   More t shirt material was then coated in Ivory Powertex which was draped to form an ‘underskirt’, all was left to dry.

Once dried I sprayed the ‘skirt’ with blue bister again this was left to dry.  I massaged Ivory Powertex into pieces of stockinette and layered these over the blue underskirt, pulling each to create a shape that looked like a slight breeze is moving the skirt.  This was left to dry before I sprayed this with red bister.  I had to ‘feed’ kitchen towel under the over skirt before spraying to prevent the colour getting on to the underskirt. After this was dry I dry brushed both layers with pigments and then wrapped the upper body in ivory Powertex coated scrim, which was painted with blue pigment when it was dry, then I added a frayed piece of hessian as a ‘shawl’.


I will be running workshops on creating a Masi figure later in the year, if you’d like to join me please drop me a line. x


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