On my work table or not.

Wow, what a week last week was!

The craft fair last Monday at Rowheath Pavilion Bourneville, was a great success and that included the weather for a change.

Rowheath Pavilion 7th May 2018

I have arranged a workshop to make the ever popular fairy house details can be found here,

I have also completed the alteration of my chopping board!

Chopping board transformation

Here is a close up of the all the lovely texture


This coming week I must work on arranging my work room – boring I know but it has to been done – I have had to bring all my materials up to the spare room (my work room) as the extension, now starting its 5th weekis coming on leaps and bounds, is causing a lot of dust and mayhem which obviously does not mix well with art work.  Once the move and re-arranging is done I can finally get on with designing new pieces, something that I am longing for so perhaps the procrastination had better stop!

Until next time, thank you for visiting. X



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