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After a difficult and emotional week for the family I am now able to turn my attention to what I love to do-: make, create, play, experiment and what better product to use than Powertex universal medium.  let me explain why I enjoy working with Powertex, apart from the interesting but often overlooked facts that this medium is water based, non-toxic and environmetally friendly, it is also a fabric hardener, paint and glue all in one product.  I have found I can let go and become so deeply immersed in my ‘playing’, ‘creating’ and ‘experimenting’- call it what you will – that my mind has time to get on and process things whilst I focus.  Afterwards, once I have done for the day , cleared up and put away etc, I feel calmer, less stressed and more able to deal with those thoughts my brain has been working on whilst I was away with the fairies. Which brings me nicely on to what is on my table this week – Fairy Houses!

In a few weeks I will be running a workshop to create your own unique fairy house, so I thought I would give you a glimps at what happens.  I provide all the materials required, along with an apron and gloves.

First we will create a roof for the fairy house from the jar lid, an old CD, aluminium foil, hot glue and masking tape. The foil is shaped into flatten balls of various sizes and then a point for the roof is shaped again out of foil.  All these flatten balls and the point are then hot glued together (hot glue is used for speed as Powertex can take a while to dry – although it should be touch dry in about an hour).  and glued on to the centre of the CD which in turn is glued to the jar lid.  Once all the parts are glued together the entire thing is covered in masking tape, leaving the jar lid free.

then it time to get messy with the Powertex and fabric.  We then cover the fabric with the Powertex liquid and then drape the fabric around the roof, creating folds as you go.  Then it is time to add embellishments and this can be whatever you want, just paint it with Powertex and stick it in place.

Now it is time to leave it alone for a while to dry, so on to the main part of the house.

The jar is draped in Powertexed fabric , creating folds and creases for interest, a door frame is created from scrunched up tin foil and glued in place with Powertex, a plaster door is added and any further embellishments are glued in place with Powertex, again this is left to dry.

Whilst the main house is drying and if the roof is dry to the touch, the colour fun starts but as mine are still wet that will be the subject of the next post. x



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